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  • You MUST update your "Heads Up" account (at least hip & waist measurements and weight)
    • See bottom to learn how to gather accurate measurements
  • Be prepared with answers to the following questions.
    • What is your current level of drive and motivation?
    • What is your biggest barrier or obstacle right now?
    • What is something you are doing well or a personal win?
    • Any specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss?


If any questions, problems or scheduling concerns please email me at

Be considerate and please avoid cancellations whenever possible. Make a commitment and hold yourself to it regardless of how you are doing. I will in turn be as flexible as I can be to make scheduling work for you when real conflicts do arise.



How to Collect Body Measurements

  • Obtain a cloth measuring tape
  • Undress to your undergarments whenever possible.
  • Ensure measuring tape is taut but not twisted. Do not pull so tight that it indents your superficial fatty tissue.
  • Ensure you keep the measuring tape completely horizontal as you bring it around the body.
  • Ask for assistance from family, friend or neighbor if possible. It is difficult to get consistent accurate measurements on yourself.
  • Increased accuracy if you have the same individual complete this for you each month.
  • Follow specific guidance below.
  • Once finished, document measurement in inches within the Heads Up Health dashboard.

Measuring Hip Circumference

  • Place measuring tape around the largest area of your hips and buttocks
  • Best completed from the side with assistance

Measuring Waist Circumference

  • First identify with your hands where the top of your hip bones are (iliac crest) and the bottom of your lowest ribs.
  • Place measuring tape just above the iliac crest but below the lowest ribs.
  • Collect measurement while relaxed and after exhalation
  • Best completed from behind with assistance



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