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What If A Trusted Health Authority Could Give You EVERYTHING YOU NEED All In One Place? 

    • Tired Of Feeling Completely Lost And Not Knowing What You Should Do Next?
    • Have You "Tried Every Diet" And Feel Hopeless?
    • Are You Prepared To Get To The Root Of The Problem And Find The Real Answers You Need?
    • Are You Ready To Transform Your Health But Chronic Stress, Poor Sleep, Emotional Eating Or Neglected Mental Health Are Consistently In Your Way?
    • Do You Need Someone To Guide You Step By Step Through Your Unique Health Journey?


True Health Change BEGINS WITH An Open Mind, Willingness to Learn More About Yourself And Truly Understanding What Your Journey Looks Like. 

True Health Change Is ACHIEVED BY Optimizing Your Mental Health, Owning Your Behaviors, Getting Up Every Time You Fall And Learning The Lessons.


Success Is About Much More Than A Diet

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Mental Health

Every successful health journey must start with an honest self-assessment of your mental health.

We have found the most common barriers to long-term success include depression, anxiety, chronic stress, toxic relationships and an unfortunate history of trauma. We help you find the answers and resources needed to address these barriers to change.


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Life is busier and more stressful than ever. The thought of transforming our health can seem daunting or even impossible.

We help you learn how to navigate your stressors, utilize healthy outlets, and develop a personalized strategy to taking back control of your health.




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There are so many diets out there, how are we expected to know what is right? What if much of our so called "health guidelines" are wrong? Let us guide you through this complicated topic.

I strongly believe in discovering your unique dietary approach by learning about your unique relationship with different foods and learning why you should eat one thing vs. another.

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They say just eat less and exercise more. This is quite possibly the worst advice anyone could ever receive. Obesity is a complex disease process and not a collection of overweight individuals with no willpower. There is a collection of very strong hormones at play that can take away your control, drive weight gain and leave you feeling constantly hungry. We teach you all the things you need to know to establish control and be successful.



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I like that this group focuses on thinking, being intentional, having a growth mindset, and establishing a "new mind".  A mind that accepts truth, is honest, is vulnerable, and is open to changing established patterns and replacing them with new patterns.

Holly A.

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I love Change Warriors because I can go at my own pace. I love to hear about the journeys of others. They are very inspiring! I also love the positivity of the posts and the way others are supportive of my path. Dr. Trujillo seems to know exactly what I need and provides resources to help me be successful.

Meline H.

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I like that this group focuses on thinking, being intentional, having a growth mindset, and establishing a "new mind".  A mind that accepts truth, is honest, is vulnerable, and is open to changing established patterns and replacing them with new patterns.

Helen C.

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If you are looking to change your Mindset, body and health this is the place to be! Dr. Trujillo is truly amazing at what he does! His approach and new program gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. It’s NOT a one size fits all program. He is vulnerable, kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. He and his community are non-judgmental. He participates within the community to answer questions and concerns. I have been with him for 2 yrs and with his guidance and knowledge I have made great strides with my weight and health. I highly recommend him and his program!

Debbie H.

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If you want a 5 star program to put you on the road to better health and energy, this is it. Dr. Trujillo has designed a platform that will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand your health issues and their underlying causes. In addition, you will be a part of a diverse, caring and understanding community that will encourage you toward your unique goals. Best money I have ever spent on healthcare!!

Sheryl B.

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The Change Warriors program includes a Community where we share successes, frustrations, ideas, recipes, products, encouragement, and hope; a 24/7 network of like-minded people having like-experiences. We have a Zoom meeting once a month and monthly Masterclasses on pertinent and valuable information to assist us in our journeys. I don't know how to fully express my gratitude for Dr. Trujillo in my life. I am feeling like I am coming back from the dead.

Gail W.

We Are Interested In Helping You Achieve Long Term Results And Nothing Else.


We Provide You With All The Tools, Knowledge & Support You Need To Reach Your Goals And Stay There.




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Meet Your Master Health & Lifestyle Coach!

While Dr. Trujillo is a trained medical physician, within this online platform he will be acting solely as your expert coach, primary educator and support system.

Nicholas A. Trujillo DO

  • Osteopathic Physician
  • Board Certified In Obesity Medicine
  • Board Certified In Family Medicine
  • Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Expert
  • B.S. Psychology
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