It’s time
to put the care

back in healthcare

Our membership model is a complete shift from standard healthcare. It’s an empathy driven approach that puts you first.

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Challenging the standard model

The truth is, America’s healthcare system is really a "sick-care" system. It’s driven by big pharma and massive health insurance companies that put their interest ahead of yours.

In this system, well-intentioned doctors have to see patients every 15 minutes in order to survive. This leads to:
- Impersonal bandaid care
- Overprescribing medications
- Unnecessary referrals to specialists

Empower Health:
Re-shaping healthcare in Utah

At Empower Health clinic, we reject the standard system of treatment and operate on a transparent membership-based model. This approach allows us to focus on you and your LONG TERM health and well-being. 

The standard system

An insurance-based system with high deductible plans, limitations on the level of care provided, and unexpected (often unnecessary) costs.

Sick care focused on bandaid solutions.

Overwhelming trend toward over-prescribing medications and outside referrals.

Basic lab work guided by limited insurance coverage leading to missing pieces of the puzzle.

Minimal training in nutrition, weight loss, and human behavior.

A one-size fits all approach.

High patient volume and rushed visits with doctors who have less time and energy for each patient.

No time for in-depth explanations and health education.

Our membership model

A membership-based system where the level of care is unrestricted and fees are clear and transparent.

Health & prevention focused on root-cause solutions.

Primary focus on the power of personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Advanced lab work geared towards understanding your body's metabolism and nutritional deficiencies.

A personalized, tailored approach.

Low patient volume and longer appointments with doctors allowing for close patient/physician relationships to develop.

Empowering explanations, education, resources, and coaching support.

Doctor Trujillo is one of the greatest doctors I’ve ever had. He never rushes me. He’s genuinely interested in my well-being and shows great interest and goes to great lengths to find solutions.

—Barb Dutson

Dr. Trujillo is so genuine and really takes the time to get to know you. He won’t let you shortcut your own health. I have recommended him to everyone I know!

—Maryam Rees

Dr. Trujillo cares about his patients and wants them to succeed. He is the first doctor that has looked at me without judging and with a look of disgust. It was a very nice change and meant a lot. He is willing to help instead of telling me to starve myself like doctors have in the past.

—Danielle Robinson

Our membership model empowers you with


We aren’t bogged down by administrative protocols that cripple the time most doctors have to spend with their patients. We invest the time we save into listening to you and learning as much as we can about your health and personal situations.


The more you know, the more empowered you are to make long-lasting change in your life. That’s why we spend a lot of time explaining the ‘why’ of it. By knowing why you’re doing something you’re more likely to do it, and stick with it long-term.


Membership gives you direct access to Dr. Trujillo and numerous in-clinic resources. You’ll have more time per visit, as well as access to a secure texting system that you can use whenever you have a question or need guidance or support.

Feel heard, understood, and supported

I’m finally learning how to make a lifestyle change and how to make it stick! I’m also learning for the first time how to handle my stress so that it will no longer make me gain unwanted pounds year after year or hinder my progress again! Thank you Dr. Trujillo for reaching through to me like no one else has ever been able to. 

—Jodeen Swan

I like that this program focuses on thinking, being intentional, having a growth mindset, and establishing a "new mind".  A mind that accepts truth, is honest, is vulnerable, and is open to changing established patterns and replacing them with new patterns.

—Holly Allen

Dr. Nick Trujillo is truly the best! You never feel rushed and he genuinely cares about you.

—Amber Davis

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